Monday, October 10, 2011


This weekend I battled a cold by buying things.  Actually, that was my excuse, but it worked!  I went to h&m and Nordstrom Rack and was pretty successful at both.  I have been trying to stay away from h&m on the weekends because the Atlanta one is a complete mad house with crazy people that make the trek from the outskirts into the big city to buy a shirt that they think they're saving money on until they calculate their gas into the equation.  Bitter?  Yes.  I don't like people in my bubble when trying to tear through a rack-huge liability people and I can't be held responsible for what my arms may or may not do.  Nordstrom Rack was a somewhat different experience in the fact that I officially [unofficially] had my first stalker.  I found an adorable Kate Spade dress on clearance and lifted it up when, unexpectedly, a woman proceeded to get extremely close to my face and whisper, "If you don't buy that YOU FIND ME."  No joke, stage 5 clinger and it was awkward.  Every time we looked back, she was no more than 5 feet from us acting like she was browsing the racks.  So obviously, if for nothing else than avoiding injury, I had to purchase the dress.  Luckily, it looks great on me, or at least I tell myself that for fear of having to encounter my stalker for a second time.  But anyways, look at the goodies I found!

h&m finds:


 Nordstrom Rack finds:

Stalker inducing Kate Spade dress

 flowy tops for $20

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