Wednesday, October 19, 2011

das boots

It's boot time people, so GET EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!  I love boots and I can now wear them totally free of my ex-co worker's [creepy] sexual comments that used to make us ladies run to our offices and hideout.  I'm not exaggerating...every time we would wear boots he would make disturbing sounds, followed by the most inappropriate, weird comments that would make you feel like you needed to go home and shower.  FREEDOM PEOPLE, feels great!  And so does this weather, so it's time to start thinking about the comfy things that cover half of our legs, or just our cankles.  I tend to not spend too much of my paycheck on boots since I like to collect them, so when I find a couple that are different from the pack and still affordable I get sartorially high.  Like when I saw these two from Zara...

Patent Leather Boot [that's navy people!]

Leather Cowboy Ankle Boot [love the color and the buckles]
photos via Zara

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