Friday, October 14, 2011


I'm home for the weekend [yay!] and spending the day at Universal Studios with Harry Potter and his cohorts [judging eyes, judging eyes].  Then Saturday night I'll be attending some sort of ball with my parents and LUCKILY my dress covers my back because in our intramural [I emphasize because apparently the people who sign up forget this little adjective] softball game last night I got pegged with the damn ball in between my shoulder blade and spine...needless to say, I'm hurting and my back is ugly. 

In honor of my little nugget dachshund back home, Oscar, I thought I would showcase the adorable nugget jackets I found from Voyagers K9 Apparel.  The jackets are so cute and sporty, obviously what any dog would want.  We once tried to have Oscar "dress up" as Sherlock Holmes, but he hated the layers and ripped them off, so I think I'll leave these jackets for others to purchase.

photos via Voyagers K9 Apparel

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