Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm not sure what all the hype is about.

First off, I feel weird talking about Fall 2011 Lookbooks when I've spent the last month or five reveling in the upcoming spring weather. It feels like I'm cheating on spring and summer with their mean, cold sibling fall. With that said, I will spend little time on showcasing J. Crew's Fall 2011 looks since, coincidentally, I don't really care for them. Yes, I do love J. Crew, but I wasn't as impressed with the clothing as some of the other fashion peeps were. [see, peeps, my mind is still in spring...thinking of those fluffy, gross marshmallow animals] There were a few things that I'll be interested in seeing in person, but if their S/S is any indication of how their fall stuff will be priced, I most likely will never get close to them and opt for the more reasonable in store finds. Here are the pieces that got my attention, but please don't get too excited, for the sake of spring's dignity and insecurities.
[the pants are the item that caught my the zipper and style]

[i do really like this look, probably one of my favorites,

since fall in the south still allows for dresses]

[pants and shoes on this one, like what looks to be a penny loafer-esque pump]

[i do love this coat...the buttons, the rich color, but i have a feeling it will

be much higher, so fingers crossed there is a look-a-like in their other coats]

[we don't have a dress code at work {lucky me, i know} but if

we did I would wear this in a heart beat...and it's purple=love in the club]

[it shouldn't be a surprise to any one that reads this blog, but i want these pants...obviously

for the color alone, but the jacket is cute too]

[photos via refinery29]

love in an image

Hellooo Skyler Morrison Berman!

I've started to creep myself out even more.

via RZ twitter

I'll take the entire inventory

these puppies would have saved me from many appointments with the porcelain goddess.

thank you Nurse Noni [although your name makes the product sound ultra sketch]

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Want At The Moment

I dream of one day opening a closet that is filled with Milly [hopefully I own that same closet, otherwise what a waste of time]. I was in the middle of my mid-afternoon browsing when I stumbled upon this amazing dress. I want it. Right now. I can't even begin to explain how much and for how many reasons I love this dress. Must. Own.

So simple. So chic. Just need a tan and oodles of gold jewelry.

Jess LC

There's a big ol' soft-spot in my heart for jewelry. Maybe not in the hoarder, I must keep every piece so my [future] daughters and [possibly] gay sons can wear it, telling all their friends it's "vintage forever 21" [bahh!]. I tend to go towards the more simple, everyday jewelry if the price tag is steep and invest my change in the crazy, fun stuff. It works for me, not so much my long-term investments. I think I love necklaces the most though. Not sure why...maybe because I have a lot of staples for rings and earrings and keep those in heavy rotation. Hew knows girlfriend, but I found a line that I love on all levels. Jess LC. It's simple, reasonable, and the pieces have little bright accents that I can't stop staring at. I follow Kendi Everyday and she wears a lot of the pieces, not to mention, is featured in Jess LC's lookbooks and some of the advertisements. Well girl, you reeled me in...and I don't hate you for it.

[photos via Jess LC]

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

if you're in the Atlanta area...

what I picked up lately

I stopped by some shops over the weekend and came away with some cute stuff. There isn't anything over-the-top insane, so I'll just post them so you can go buy them.
From Anthropologie:

Rippled Ribbon Belt

From J.Crew:

[since the one I wanted from Brixton was sold out in my size]

Also got some great workout stuff from GapBody, but honestly...who wants to see that?

if only...

i could actually use this at work and in everyday life. there are some stores that contain sales associates that i would like to stamp with this thing.

WTF Stamp

Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm addicted

to Closet Confessions on Bluefly. Watch them all here. You will love them too. And maybe develop an unhealthy girl crush much like the one I have for Giuliana Rancic.


This post is happening thanks to tequila mary [my mom, first introduced here]. She found these amazing hair ties and headbands in one of her magazines and ordered me some. We will be ordering many more. The brand was started by two 15 year old girls and the hair ties are must haves. First off, they don't leave a dent in your hair [this I love because my hair will dent within the first 20 seconds of wearing a hair tie] and second, they double as bracelets. The colors are amazing and they've developed a respectable celebrity following. You go tweens. Speaking of tweens, I asked one yesterday if she was a belieber and she laughed, said "no way", and the fan club was back to one member [me].

The best part of Emi-Jay is that part of the proceeds go to charity. No more incentives needed since you'll buy hair ties and headbands anyways!

Winter Collection

3 Pack Collection

Classic Collection

Jewel Collection

Metallic Collection

Pastel Collection

Pearl Collection

Summer 2011 Collection

Summer Collection

Pink Pearl Satin Bow Hair Tie

Black Pearl Satin Bow Hair Tie

Headbands [all colors]

Wide Headbands [select colors]

[photos via emi-jay]

Friday, March 25, 2011

he's here, he's here!!!!

so excited to watch him grow up!!

Etsy Feature Friday

2nd installment of this bad boy and today I picked something that's not fashion, but just as great. I find a lot of the prints, pillows, and other home decor on etsy have comical characteristics to them that make me chuckle. I love laughing, and would probably own the majority of this stuff in my house to guarantee a smile when people pass them. Here is one I've always liked that coincidentally is on sale now.

The bright colors could spice up a room, but I prefer the vintage look of the lighter prints. I feel like the irony between the poster's meaning and the look would fit perfectly with my personal preferences in decorating.
Petek Design also has other prints and photos that are just as great. I love the card prints for a game room or such and the little kissing print would be adorable in a frame on a counter top or night stand.

photos via Petek Design

[skinny] JACKPOT

I have a respectable collection of jeans, especially skinny jeans. I love them all, but recently I started a search for the perfect pair. You know...the kind that a) doesn't stretch out after 2 hours b) aren't too long for flats c) still look great with heels d) the perfect dark wash, but not "black blue" e) don't squeeze your thighs so tight that they look like two [hopefully turkey] sausage links. Well people, I HAVE FOUND THEM! And they are so perfect in fit and price that I will buy them in every wash, suggest you all do the same, and cry for months if they ever discontinue the style. Online seems to sell out quickly in some sizes, so either check your local store or call 1-800-GAPSTYLE and they can do a nation wide search for you!

Insert my new obsession: Gap Always Skinny Jeans [in saturated wash below]

photos via gap