Monday, March 14, 2011

this is about to get REAL.

real crunk that is. or is it krunk? my apologies on the language [my co-workers asked me last week if I had ever used that word and I didn't believe I had, so check that off my list of phrases that embarrass my friends]

so this post pays homage to my bubbie holders, not to be confused with the term of endearment for Jewish grandmothers, although they are just as important I'm sure.

This weekend I stocked up on my FAVORITE bras. I live for the Natori 136001 Contour Underwire Bra [I am so specific because this past weekend I found out that there are ones that look identical to mine, but have one little strip of lace in between the cups, but fit COMPLETELY different= no bueno]. They are on the pricier side and are well worth the investment [rather, my mom's investment], but the best news ever is that Nordstrom Racks carry them for $27. Granted, it is hard to find the neutral colors, but they are there sometimes!

Natori Contour Bra

I owe my life to this Chantelle Sensua Strapless bra for not only allowing me to wear more diverse clothing, but also because the floor and my shoe laces would be quite angry with me if I had not found this [just kidding my lady bits haven't lost all their might just yet]. I wear a 34D and this thing keeps them in place, so I highly recommend it to EVERYONE [especially you lady, the one who thinks since you can't find a strapless that works that NO bra would be a better alternative...gag].

Chantelle Sensua Strapless

Go crazy people! Your bubbies and admiring boys will be so thankful!

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