Thursday, June 30, 2011


this Equipment Earl Romper when I saw it on ShopBop yesterday, but sadly my heart [and wallet] belong to Nordstrom because on TUESDAY I get to preview/purchase all the Anniversary Sale items my little heart desires.

If you are not familiar with Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale then I will have to enlighten you. NOW. It doesn't help that I remain extremely loyal to this amazing store so I bleed bias, but this is the ONE legit sale sale that they have [actually I take that back, they have a "half-yearly" sale, but that's just markdowns]. Anniversary is the best deal EVER because it's all brand new stuff for late summer/fall at discounted prices and you feel extra special when purchasing the amazingness because the prices go UP after the sale is over. So, if you've ever wanted to feel like shiz for not buying something then don't go into a Nordstrom after their sale. I've done it. It's doctor worthy. I'll fill y'all in on what I pick up on Tuesday once I've driven my adorable, favorite worker Sadea crazy running through the store [don't worry, I've already e-mailed her what I want her to pull].

refreshing always seems to include alcohol

Crystal Light's answer to my Skinny Girl Margs?? I'll try it [and spike the hell out of it]!! I must track these suckers down this weekend since they, apparently, are only out for a limited time. I love the thought of drinking something yummy and knowing there are little to no calories in the drink [5 calories here] and I completely disregard the fact that once I add, which can only be described as exorbitant, the liquor I also add calories. Like I always say...If you don't remember, it never happened.


My DJ by Dannijo earrings that I fawned over here came in the mail yesterday!!! So excited to wear them!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

say what?

I recently stumbled upon a total delight [the fashion world will slaughter me for this and my intellectual property law employer would be ashamed]. Good Ol' Jeffrey Campbell has COMPLETELY ripped off my designer shoe crush of the moment. I first spotted the Alejandro Ingelmo for Chris Benz on The Man Repeller and fell instantly in love. THEN I was doing my usual daily cruisin' through Nordstrom online wishfully hoping someone would return these in my size for me to purchase and I spotted the Ingelmos [I mean Jeffrey Campbells] in a gorgeous mustard yellow. I think I'll order them online to avoid shameful stares if purchased in store.

who wears short shorts?

Well, honestly, I hope no one does anymore, mostly because it's disgusting to be sporting things that could be easily mistaken for underwear on le day to day, but also because it seems that most people that choose to wear them are the exact ones THAT SHOULD NOT. Anyways, being all Kim Kardashian like on me bottom half has kept me away, or at least weary of these things they call shorts. From my previous statement, one can make a fair assumption that I do not like tight shorts, so I usually go up a size when I purchase them. It's what works for me, but you may be different-tis okay. I've recently experienced some successful shorts purchases which has snowballed into me buying/on the hunt for dressy shorts. Now this may seem like an oxymoron [much like "a little pregnant" or "adult male"] but I can reassure you that I've found some that deserve at least a try on if not an automatic trip to the shopping cart [virtual or real].

LuLu's [discount code for 20% off now-July 18th STYLEWATCH]:

shorts 1, 2, 3, and 4


Aqua Shorts


Shorts here and more



[I've seen these in person and they look MUCH more expensive than the price]

p.s. Be sure to check out ASOS...their site was being funky and not letting me pull stuff from it, but their shorts are to die for and there's free shipping and returns!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Like candy from a baby my friends. Just scored a great pair of J Brand Kat Wide Leg Jeans from Rue La La for none other than....$39, but oh wait, there's more. I had a credit of $20 dollars [thanks to my dear friends that purchased stuff linked to my referral], so the total was really only $29 after shipping. The ultimate counterattack to buyer's remorse. I can rest for the day.

anne m cramer

makes the perfect summer skirt called the Flynn in an array of colors sure to fit any one's personality and flatter any one's body type.





And for Fall, the Wool Flynn Skirt is introduced to take you into the colder seasons

[something NO ONE is thinking about right now]

The same adorable print, but as the Jail-Break Top

[add a bright belt and you're instantly untouchable]

photos via anne m cramer

Rachel Zoe Collection

has finally launched at Neiman's and I can't get enough of this look, this [classic love], this [the structuring of this jacket is faboosh], these, these [double platform=my double rainbow], and this!

[looks like tricking maybe in my future in order to get my hands on these things]

Monday, June 27, 2011


I am going c.r.a.z.y. because I found the perfect addition to my flats collection and there is not one single online or brick&mortar store that has them!!!! I can't stand this and I now desperately want them. What's new.


this adorable dress on LuLu's that mixes just enough lady likeness with a vintage feel. Pleats, polka dots, mid-calf many trends going on it's redigggalus.

Friday, June 24, 2011

to do

I am dying to make this necklace and I think it is so ridiculously easy that I might even succeed!!!

Etsy Feature Friday

First off, I'm still on a major high from NKOTBSB. Like, a disturbing major high. So if I seem loopy in my writing it's probably due to the fact that I haven't stopped singing the songs in my head and doing the coordinated dance moves [at work none the less]. But, back to the matter at hand...EFF. I found a shop called AO3 Designs that makes some of the cutest clutches I've seen on Etsy. I love a good bow and these designs and prints are right up my alley. AO3 also has "bridesmaids clutches" that give you an assortment of designs in the same color combinations or all the same. It was the cutest, simplest idea I had seen in awhile for that sort of thing. These bags are uber reasonable and absolutely adorable to complement any outfit or occasion.


Bridesmaids Clutches:

photos via AO3 Designs

Thursday, June 23, 2011


TOPSHOP is one of those places that I am obsessed with for the sole fact that there is ONLY ONE in the states. London and NYC have no idea how lucky they are. Yes, yes people online shopping is great [and a staple in my life], but the ability to walk into a store and see the items in person and actually try them on is such a luxury. My parents were in Europe recently, London for a good bit and this was the only thing I asked them to do. "Mom, you MUST go to TOPSHOP and pick out things for me, or just tell me how amazing it is." Well, she went. My mom is not much of a shopper [crazy how we're related like that] so she ended up getting me some basic tops because she was too worried about taking the risk that I wouldn't like the things. She also informed me that I could "just go to the store whenever I'm in NYC." Really mom? Because that's never.

I digress. TOPSHOP is having their big summer sale starting today and I scored something I've been looking for for about a year: a good leather skirt [pants just creep me out] that isn't going to break the bank since, let's be honest, I'm not going to wear it every week. Well I found it...and it was only $40!

Girl Crush Recreation

Those of you that follow this blog know that Blake Lively has topped my girl crush ranks for some time now. With that said, I figured I should try to recreate her looks rather than gawking awkwardly in the most non-lesbian way possible. My friend Lindsey over at Teach Chic recreated Blake's Glamour look that I want to scoop up and wear around town. I found this picture in one of my magazines and thought it would be perfect. So classic and fresh, so Blake...

The Look for Less

Blake Lively Look for Less

Blake Lively Look for Less by savvycheap featuring a suede bootie

French Connection lace overlay dress, $98
Elizabeth and James sheer jacket, £175
Nine West suede bootie, $54
Blu Bijoux pyramid jewelry, $26
Kendra Scott white jewelry, $55

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


you'll find me groovin/grinding to the sweet sounds of NKOTBSB with my lady friends. You may think this is hilariously embarrassing, but not I. I will be in heaven my friends and it is filled with old ass popstars and women searching for their youth, willing to fight for a sweaty touch from these guys [me = not excluded].


In the footsteps of the powerhouse that is Target designer collaborations, HSN and QVC have added discounted designer collections to their line-ups. I used to laugh at the thought of women sitting in front of their televisions purchasing an endless assortment of crap off of these channels, but then I spent a drunk night watching infomercials and never judged them again. QVC has had a long running relationship with my fashion love affair Rachel Zoe and her products are amazing. HSN has had some great collections in the past and the newest names to join the group are Jay Godfrey with Sublime by Jay Godfrey, Sigerson Morrison with Belle by Sigerson Morrison, and the one that makes me giddy inside....Dannijo with DJ by Dannijo! These went on sale about a week ago so check them out before they sell out foo.

DJ by Dannijo:

Sublime by Jay Godfrey:

Belle by Sigerson Morrison:

photos via HSN