Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hi, can I rant?

Ok, so for the umpteenth time I have ruined some sort of clothing item or accessory because my damn 7 for All Mankind jeans in this dark as night wash love to rub off on everything. This time it was a white belt that I love dearly from J. Crew, but before that it was MY LIFE [aka dozens of handbags]. Yes, I know people, you probably are thinking, "Why the hell does she wear them still?" or maybe "Wash them with [blank], it always does the trick." I've washed them with everything and the only reason I still wear them is because it's not an always thing. These bitches rub off on items only when they think it's appropriate, aka when it's highly INAPPROPRIATE for me. It became so bad that I had to take all of my handbags into the cleaners [horrible mistake] and then when the cleaner tried to charge me out the ying-yang for the job that, by the way, BARELY HELPED, I argued with her for 2 straight days and had to threaten her with legal action just to get them back [true, ask any of my friends, or rather anyone in Atlanta because I was so livid I told ANYONE that walked past me]. So back to the culprit...these freakin pants, nay, this freakin wash. I am warning ANYONE. I believe the wash is Mercer and it's a dark, dark blue [which should have been a huge red flag seeing how dark things are usually evil]. Stay away people-this damn wash will ruin your life or just the beautiful things you try to fill it with.

sidenote-sorry for the crazy rant, but I couldn't take it anymore.

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