Thursday, June 23, 2011


TOPSHOP is one of those places that I am obsessed with for the sole fact that there is ONLY ONE in the states. London and NYC have no idea how lucky they are. Yes, yes people online shopping is great [and a staple in my life], but the ability to walk into a store and see the items in person and actually try them on is such a luxury. My parents were in Europe recently, London for a good bit and this was the only thing I asked them to do. "Mom, you MUST go to TOPSHOP and pick out things for me, or just tell me how amazing it is." Well, she went. My mom is not much of a shopper [crazy how we're related like that] so she ended up getting me some basic tops because she was too worried about taking the risk that I wouldn't like the things. She also informed me that I could "just go to the store whenever I'm in NYC." Really mom? Because that's never.

I digress. TOPSHOP is having their big summer sale starting today and I scored something I've been looking for for about a year: a good leather skirt [pants just creep me out] that isn't going to break the bank since, let's be honest, I'm not going to wear it every week. Well I found it...and it was only $40!

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