Monday, June 6, 2011


Even though I failed to watch the award show last night due to a self induced zombie state resulting from my day at the pool, I always love to look at the fashion and gossip [Nikki Reed and Paul McDonald engaged already??? talk about a kept man]. What I took away from last night though was my reaffirmed love for sweet, little Emma Watson. I find her [miss granger if you will] to be absolutely adorable in fashion and her everyday life. She seems so down to earth. Not to mention I absolutely love her quote regarding her first semester at Brown: "I felt like I'd walked into an American Teen Movie. I picked up the red cups. I was like, 'Wow, they really do drink from these.'" Why, yes we do my little Brit and there are numerous other things that happen that should probably not be mentioned [like how they may or may not be the #1 reason behind the insane hike in herpes outbreaks in the last decade]. Anywho...her look(s) last night made my heart go pitter patter and made my love grow stronger.

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