Friday, April 26, 2013

FF:Gifts for all

First off, sorry I'm not sorry for the lack of posting as of late.  I've been busy and just haven't found anything worthy of telling you all about.  Well, I mean, I've seen stuff, but nothing spectacular, and I've been unimpressed with things lately.  Oh well, I'm back.  Today's Frugal Friday post is something you can buy yourself, others, or your dear, beautiful mom for Mother's Day [May 12th].  I already have an amazingly awesome present for my Mom, but that's only because I take pride in picking out her presents so my brothers and dad look good.  And I'm the only girl, so I know what she wants more than they do.

Anyways, C.Wonder is offering 25% off all their monogrammed goods this weekend for Mother's Day [or whatever you want] and some of my favorite things are on the list.  One was a Christmas present that I absolutely love and looks beautiful on my dresser, but the other is a gift I've purchased for others, we used in my house to hold keys, and now resides in our crazy collection of goods on our numerous built-in shelves: the monogrammed geo plate.  These plate are bright, fun, and have so many uses.  Not to mention, who doesn't love a monogram?  I do.

C. Wonder Monogrammed Geo Plate

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have spoken time and time again about the versatility of pieces.  A person should not underestimate how priceless it is when you actually find one that truly fills this position.  

Often times, the versatile pieces are either ones that steal the show [i.e. you simply add different things each time to keep the focus on the top/dress/skirt] or things that add to an outfit [i.e. jackets/blazers/go to pants or jeans], but many people don't think to take their basics [such as this J.Crew lightweight sweatshirt] and pair it with bolder, dressier items to create a nice balance of high/low.  

Sometimes, I even catch myself keeping my more casual knits all to themselves, away from my other clothing.  Mix them people.  If for nothing else but comfort!


Alfani pants

J.Crew slim pants

Lace shorts

Mango short mini skirt
$35 -

Tribal print mini skirt
$49 -

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I'm a huge fan of the brand Splendid.  Their comfy basics are so versatile and perfect for any outfit.  I saw they had started making shoes and was eager to see what they brought to the table.  Well, I'm happy as a clam because they brought the comfort their brand is known for to their shoes.  And, they seem to love a mini-wedge and/or slight heel as much as I do.  I can't get enough of this height and little detail.  It makes sandals more comfortable and it gives them a slightly dressier vibe.  All in all, they make you look better people.  My two favorites right now?  The Congo and Evanston.

Congo Flat Sandal
[love these elastic straps to keep the sandal on your foot and add comfort]

Evanston Strappy Sandal
[perforated leather in fun colors.  I'm in!]

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Ultimate Maxi

The greatest find when shopping is a piece you know will be versatile.  Versatile in a way that shortens your deliberation time to a fraction of the original.  The most difficult kind for me is the piece that will work for day to night, but various events.  Such as brunch, eating out, concerts, shopping, but also weddings, dinners, and parties in general.  I have numerous things in my closet that work for different day time events or work to play, but very few of them also work for a more upscale event like a wedding.  

When I saw this Lovers + Friends maxi I immediately knew it would be the piece in my closet that filled this gap.  I am obsessed with the back details and the fact that I own NOTHING like this in my closet.  Such a beautiful, bright print.  More so, if you can wait a month, Her Element is getting this dress back in stock for $40 cheaper than Revolve's price.  Why do I know this?  Because I'm cheap and noticed H.E.'s had gone out of stock and quickly emailed them to make sure they were getting more.  I have a wedding in May that I know I'll wear this to, as well as a few more over the Summer months and into Fall that it will be perfect for too.  I'll be keeping it simple with  black and gold accessories to make sure the print is showcased [like it could be missed].

The Ultimate Maxi

Lovers Friends lovers friend

Lovers Friends lovers friend

Isola short heel shoes

Isola sandals


Kendra scott earrings

Yochi yellow gold jewelry

Linea pelle bracelet

Topshop jewelry

Topshop wire bracelet

Friday, April 12, 2013

If you can wait...

Sometimes I order things when they're backordered because they may not be available after that one time offering...and sometimes I do it to receive nice, little surprises in the coming months.  I just found this amazing little Kate Spade crossbody [I live for these when going out] in the greatest neutral for $63.  Seriously people, I did a double take at that price.  

The great thing?  It's one of those expandable crossbodies that open up to a larger compartment.  I use these things like crazy to hide away the important stuff that I tend to lose like my celly telly.  The not so great thing?  It won't get to you until the end of May.  But for the price, I'm willing to wait a month and a half.

party cake

This week has flown by, mostly because work has been completely hectic and I'm exhausted.  I have a couple parties to attend and hope I survive them all.  I plan on trying to relax this Master's weekend and I hope y'all do too!!

Friday, April 5, 2013


Crazy week, but I've managed to find some things to buy.  I've had my eye on a bunch and was finally able to pull the trigger since lent is over!  Let me honest, some of these items my beautiful, gracious mother purchased for me due to limitations, so not everything on this list is me spending away [although many of you may be surprised at that].  Lemme break it down for you.  Side note: I will probably end up returning some of these items, but you never know the potential until you try...