Wednesday, April 17, 2013


I have spoken time and time again about the versatility of pieces.  A person should not underestimate how priceless it is when you actually find one that truly fills this position.  

Often times, the versatile pieces are either ones that steal the show [i.e. you simply add different things each time to keep the focus on the top/dress/skirt] or things that add to an outfit [i.e. jackets/blazers/go to pants or jeans], but many people don't think to take their basics [such as this J.Crew lightweight sweatshirt] and pair it with bolder, dressier items to create a nice balance of high/low.  

Sometimes, I even catch myself keeping my more casual knits all to themselves, away from my other clothing.  Mix them people.  If for nothing else but comfort!


Alfani pants

J.Crew slim pants

Lace shorts

Mango short mini skirt
$35 -

Tribal print mini skirt
$49 -

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