Friday, December 23, 2011


I'm skiing today, so obviously I'm not posting in real time....or am I and I'm just so skilled that I can ski and post on da blog?  I'll let you choose, but I won't fault you if you decide I lack said skillz.

I like when something really simple can make or add to a room, especially if it's something that will be there no matter what like soap in a bathroom [well at least I see this as a staple in a bathroom, from past experience I know some people don't...].  Fun soaps easily add to a room that usually is not discussed.  Plus, hello people, they smell good and ensure your guests are clean!  I found a really cute shop called KBShimmer that sells handmade soap, scrubs, lotions, lip balms, and bath bombs that are just as beautiful as they are useful.  Little items like this are perfect hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, and add-ons for the holiday season and the rest of the year.

photos via etsy

Thursday, December 22, 2011


my latest two:

the richness in the colors of this House of Harlow clutch are so eye catching and redonk...lurv it. 

this over the top, insanely amazing maxi skirt from ASOS makes my sartorial heart go pitter-patter.  for realz, I have NO idea where I would wear this, but I'm going crazy.

I'm officially in Washington today and I'll start sending pictures as soon as I catch my breath [we're going skiing tomorrow, so it won't be then]

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


So...I'm almost gone on my trip and I really can't wait.  But, since I'm not there yet I thought I would pay tribute to my roots by featuring a west coast clothing company: West Coast Wardrobe.  Original?  I think yes.  I've only been able to find this line available on boutique to you, but I'll take it for now since the inventory is pretty solid and their prices are definitely manageable.  I like to think the laid back style that the west coast [LA] is famous for suites my taste, so I was a fan of this line right off the bat.  The feminine, boho-y pieces are what get me....and my wallet.

[this skirt with a white tank top would be perfection]

photos via BTY

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

topshop love affair

The adorable TopShop dress Rachel Bilson wore on Jimmy Fallon is on sale now for $50!  I think this dress is the cutest thing and love the mix of prints and colors [spring's around the corner right?].  P.S. the sizes are going fast. 

Speaking of stuff from TopShop...

I'm OBSESSED with this bright pink maxi dress that Taylor from Sterling Style is wearing!
[sold out already of course=fingers crossed it comes back in stock]

Mostly because it's the cheap step-sister of the best hot pink handler in town: Michael Kors

photo via Style Darling

Monday, December 19, 2011

wild and crazy recap

I'll put it in the most simple of phrases:  this weekend was a shitshow.  Don't get me wrong, it was a total success, but also the most back to back raging I've had on my plate in a long time.  Friday night was our firm's holiday party [said raging was done after of course...who do you think I am?], followed by our annual tacky sweater party on Saturday night.  Good times were had by all, including me letting a faux gay man kiss me sans tongue [I say faux because I swore he was gay...little did I know, HE WAS NOT, but it was too late to stop our tumultuous love connection].

In other news, I scored the Lucca Couture leopard print cardigan I've been eying from Urban Outfitters for the wee little price of $29!  It's still on sale if you'd like to partake in my wild ways.  I'm pairing it with my neon pink belt and solid black James Perse tunic tee and Gap black skinny jeans because I love splashes of my favorite neon to have the spotlight. 

I'm heading to the place I miss most [Seattle] on Thursday for Christmas and I'm not looking forward to the packing that needs to be done.  I love cold weather, but packing for cold weather is by far the most difficult thing for me [mostly because, as an overpacker, I can attest to the nightmares it induces].  In the end, I'll probably pack everything I want to wear, not what's practical.

my (wild) cardigan

my (wild) cardigan by savvycheap featuring t shirts

Lucca Couture leopard print cardigan
$69 -

James Perse t shirt
$42 -

GAP super skinny jeans
$70 -

Loeffler Randall flat knee high boots
$486 -

Deena Ozzy black belt
$24 -

Friday, December 16, 2011

[quickie] eff

Today's post is going to have to be a short one due to crazy deadlines at work [and my shorter schedule because of our office party tonight?].  So, I love Christmas time, actually holiday time in general because everyone is so truly friendly, helpful, and most of all...patriotic.  Think about it.  Christmas brings out almost as much country pride as 4th of July [God Bless Amurica].  A lot of the traditions we do are specific to us, making the holiday feel warm and fuzzy.  But anyways, I love seeing artwork involving the good ole' US of A and absolutely LOVED this piece on etsy from FeLion Studios out of Wisconsin.  I appreciate the talent involved in creating this insanely unique piece, but I may have to settle with a picture since the price tag could buy a home [insert patriotic cheer].

photos via etsy

Thursday, December 15, 2011

ethereal comfort

Two things I love: the feeling you get from comfortable clothing and the romantic, feminine feel to anything flowy.  With that being said, it's easy to see why I fell in major love with this Blaque Label Aeriform dress that has been on dozens of celebrities over the past couple of months.  The nice thing about this dress is that the actual dress is a fitted strapless of the same color underneath, eliminating the excitement fear of exposing one's lady bits all over the place [unless you plan on getting out of taxis britney or LiLo style].  Added bonus: the price is only $145 [which is refreshing since most of the stuff they wear that I want is wayyyyyy out of my price range]. 

Where to purchase the different colors: black here and here, pink here, blue here and here

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?  I love the holidays.  I love the holidays filled with bright colors.  Finally these bright colors don't have to remain solely on trees and decorations...or little children because the insane assortment of bright colored denim has officially hit the market.  I mean every possible color.  EVERY.  LAST. ONE.  And, unlike a year or so ago, when the colored denim could only be found at J Brand, every clothing line has joined in the holiday cheer bandwagon [hooray for our bank accounts].  I'll be honest, this post is aimed towards the people who wear colored denim.  I have tried numerous times with different brands and it just doesn't work for me.  Read:  I don't like the way my hips look in them, but needless to say, I continue to try them on because I see enough women wearing them that DO look good in them!  It's the perfect way to add a pop of color to your outfit....especially in the colder months with colored tights just won't suffice in the constant battle of fashion v. survival.

Monday, December 12, 2011


This weekend was amazing.  Literally the most ridiculous, gorgeous wedding celebrating two people: Derek & GeGe.  I'm glad I was apart of the unprecedented [in my life] experience and can now say I've witnessed human chandeliers.

Cocktail Hour Friday Night
 Welcome Gift Bags
 The Steps Leading Up to the Ceremony at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
 The Ceremony
 The Ceremony [up close]
 Nicole and Me
 Human Chandeliers
 Signature Mojito [absolutely delicious]
 Reception [silver] Tent
 Reception Area was Waterfront
 Cocktail Hour Before Reception
 First Dance
 The Amazing Band
 and the Cake
Not pictured:  the two espresso bars to the left and right of the cake with "baristas" who were less than thrilled to be serving us.  It could have been the taunting that came from my friend and I, but I don't think two drunk girls singing "You have to serve us, you have to serve us" would get to their egos.