Monday, December 12, 2011


This weekend was amazing.  Literally the most ridiculous, gorgeous wedding celebrating two people: Derek & GeGe.  I'm glad I was apart of the unprecedented [in my life] experience and can now say I've witnessed human chandeliers.

Cocktail Hour Friday Night
 Welcome Gift Bags
 The Steps Leading Up to the Ceremony at Vizcaya Museum & Gardens
 The Ceremony
 The Ceremony [up close]
 Nicole and Me
 Human Chandeliers
 Signature Mojito [absolutely delicious]
 Reception [silver] Tent
 Reception Area was Waterfront
 Cocktail Hour Before Reception
 First Dance
 The Amazing Band
 and the Cake
Not pictured:  the two espresso bars to the left and right of the cake with "baristas" who were less than thrilled to be serving us.  It could have been the taunting that came from my friend and I, but I don't think two drunk girls singing "You have to serve us, you have to serve us" would get to their egos.

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