Monday, December 19, 2011

wild and crazy recap

I'll put it in the most simple of phrases:  this weekend was a shitshow.  Don't get me wrong, it was a total success, but also the most back to back raging I've had on my plate in a long time.  Friday night was our firm's holiday party [said raging was done after of course...who do you think I am?], followed by our annual tacky sweater party on Saturday night.  Good times were had by all, including me letting a faux gay man kiss me sans tongue [I say faux because I swore he was gay...little did I know, HE WAS NOT, but it was too late to stop our tumultuous love connection].

In other news, I scored the Lucca Couture leopard print cardigan I've been eying from Urban Outfitters for the wee little price of $29!  It's still on sale if you'd like to partake in my wild ways.  I'm pairing it with my neon pink belt and solid black James Perse tunic tee and Gap black skinny jeans because I love splashes of my favorite neon to have the spotlight. 

I'm heading to the place I miss most [Seattle] on Thursday for Christmas and I'm not looking forward to the packing that needs to be done.  I love cold weather, but packing for cold weather is by far the most difficult thing for me [mostly because, as an overpacker, I can attest to the nightmares it induces].  In the end, I'll probably pack everything I want to wear, not what's practical.

my (wild) cardigan

my (wild) cardigan by savvycheap featuring t shirts

Lucca Couture leopard print cardigan
$69 -

James Perse t shirt
$42 -

GAP super skinny jeans
$70 -

Loeffler Randall flat knee high boots
$486 -

Deena Ozzy black belt
$24 -

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