Friday, December 23, 2011


I'm skiing today, so obviously I'm not posting in real time....or am I and I'm just so skilled that I can ski and post on da blog?  I'll let you choose, but I won't fault you if you decide I lack said skillz.

I like when something really simple can make or add to a room, especially if it's something that will be there no matter what like soap in a bathroom [well at least I see this as a staple in a bathroom, from past experience I know some people don't...].  Fun soaps easily add to a room that usually is not discussed.  Plus, hello people, they smell good and ensure your guests are clean!  I found a really cute shop called KBShimmer that sells handmade soap, scrubs, lotions, lip balms, and bath bombs that are just as beautiful as they are useful.  Little items like this are perfect hostess gifts, stocking stuffers, and add-ons for the holiday season and the rest of the year.

photos via etsy

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