Thursday, February 28, 2013

What's new pussycat?

It's officially the last day of February.  Time flies, but it's still cold.  I've tried to reign in my Spring posts as much as possible since it's depressing for everyone, especially since even back home in Florida it's cooling off.  

One of my personal pet peeves with staying warm is if my layers get bulky.  I just can't stand it.  Because of this, I've been trying to layer with lighter fabrics under my warm sweaters, jackets, blazers, etc.  And the look I can't get enough of?  A pussycat bow blouse under said items.  It adds femininity and takes the place of a necklace if you're just not feeling it.  They also look amazingly professional and chic if you wear them with a pencil skirt or trousers.  The greatest part though is that they can be worn year round.  

I found a pretty great version at American Apparel last week and think the colors and prints would be fun for anyone.  I usually only go to AA for specific items I've seen in magazines and/or online [or drinking], but they really do have a ton of great basics that aren't completely ridiculous.  Side note: the sleeveless version is great too.

Polka Dot Chiffon Secretary Blouse

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unhealthy Obsession: Pistachio

First of all, Happy Birthday to Laura and Susannah!  Greatest twins around.  Second of all, I barely  made it to Wednesday.  I have yet to recover from our celebrations this past weekend.  Me = worthless.  But recovery is a must, because I have an amazing wedding to attend this weekend back in Florida and I've been looking forward to it [You're going to be such a stunning bride Susan!]  Third of all, I can't stop my obsession with emerald [displayed yesterday] and pistachio.  Two shades of green I will never get sick of.  One is so rich and the other airy and more neutral.  With Spring around the corner though, this pistachio hue is everywhere.  Specifically at C. Wonder and I can't wait to pop in and try it all on.  

I usually have to stay away from a lot of pastels because they tend to wash me out with my light hair and skin tone, but pistachio seems to be my friend.  Which is great because I prefer it over the lavenders, pale yellows, and baby pinks.  Not to mention, the color looks undeniably amazing with brighter colors, white, and tan.  The must haves for me below are those Sam Edelman heels and H&M dress.

Unhealthy Obsession: Pistachio

Sleeved dress

H M chiffon dress
$23 -

C Wonder c wonder

Jeane blush
$50 -

H M knit top
$31 -

H m blazer
$46 -

Hudson skinny fit jeans
$160 -

Sam edelman

C Wonder c wonder

Lipstik ballet shoes
$31 -

C Wonder hobo handbag

Pieces mint handbag
$21 -

Rose Pierre bib necklace

House of Harlow 1960 mint green necklace

Tear drop earrings

Talullah Tu mint green earrings
$28 -

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

color of the year

I am so happy that emerald is the color of the year.  I love this shade of green and usually gravitate towards it anyways, so the fact that there should be more than enough choices in this beautiful color makes me beyond happy.  One of which, was this adorable pair of flats by Mia Shoes.  The laser cut outs and the bright color, mixed with snakeskin?  Sold.  Perfect for spring and unique enough to get noticed.

Mia Nomad Flats

Monday, February 25, 2013

Look4Less:Striped Layers

I've been on a roll lately with these looks for less.  Every time I find one of these babies I get so excited [on what one may deem an "unhealthy" level].  Ask any of my friends, finding deals and saving money is an addiction of mine.  Sadly, I get an adrenaline rush, which is probably a false one, and excitement fills my body when something is discounted more than $5.  Actually, let's be honest, $4.99 will get me too.  

Anyways, Zara and Gap seem to be on the same page with their spring lines, because they both released identical jackets.  I mean there are maybe a few, tiny differences, but one could easily be mistaken for the other.  Just like when I kept seeing bloggers sporting the Zara one and automatically assumed it was the Gap one that mysteriously ended up in my shopping cart under "save for later."  The nice thing is that the Gap one comes in at about $40 cheaper than the Zara one and I'm sure there will be a discount in the next few weeks to lower the price even more.  Smart shopping people.

Zara Striped Jacket

Gap Striped Jacket

Friday, February 22, 2013

FF:Printed Pants

Printed pants are everywhere these days.  I posted about them here, but still haven't taken the plunge.  I have tried on a couple, but the fit just isn't right for the attention my bottom half will be getting.  Not to mention, I don't want to fork over a ton for something I may not wear very much.  

So, I've been perusing websites and stores for the perfect pair, and luckily I think I found them...and there are enough choices to make anyone happy.  The prices range from $16-$30.  AND save 15% off with code ONSAVENOW.  No complaints here.

Old Navy Diva Skinny Ankle Pant

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Beauty Staples

Every so often I discuss beauty items instead of clothing and accessories.  Not that I don't have items I live for, but mostly because I've found them and don't really alter my regimen.  There are new products that catch my eye from time to time, but, for the most part, I have my staples that I know work for my skin and hair. is an awesome website that sells most of these staples and right now the entire site is 30% off with coupon LUCKYBREAKS2...great time to buy stuff you actually need!

[I use this in the summer or if I know I need a heavier primer]

DDF Ultra-Lite Oil-Free Moisturizing Dew
[I use this every morning]

Fekkai Silky Smooth Serum
[I use this, combined with two other serums, when I blowdry my hair - major other serums condition and protect from heat]

Rosebud Salve
[I can't express how much I live for this stuff - It is the only heavier chapstick that doesn't dry out my lips and the strawberry version makes my day]

[I can't express how much this little guy has helped my just feels better with it and does a great job scrubbing, so I don't have to - FYI, I buy all of my replacement brush heads and washes on eBay, they're ridiculously cheap and brand new]

[really ANYTHING by this woman]

[specifically Red Currant, because it's amazing and you need to relax after all this work]

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

skirting the issue

I know, I's still cold, but lately we've had some sunny days and I can't help but start thinking of outfits for Spring and the [hopefully soon] warmer temps.  I live in easy skirts and tops come Spring/Summer and when I saw this skirt in Instyle I couldn't stop thinking about it.  It comes in 4 fun colors and is perfect with a tank or dressed up with a nicer top.  I'm thinking with tights this might just be my year round party skirt.

Honey Punch's Everything Illuminated Skirt

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

bright baubles

I've been scanning the sites for some great accessories to add to my collection.  Lately, I've wanted bright necklaces to add a certain punch to my outfits.  I found a slew of them at Forever21 [always reliable for 3 months of wear] and I can't stop thinking about them.  Check out my favorites:

1, 2, 3, 4

And two great staples:

1, 2