Monday, February 11, 2013

Love is in the Air?

I'm not one of those people that can't get enough of Valentine's Day.  I'm also not bitter about it.  I have a boyfriend, I just don't really care if presents are exchanged [although, I will never turn away a present] or an extravagant dinner is planned.  I like to avoid crowds due to my extreme impatience at an type of inefficiency or prolonged wait.  Which makes me think that the people who do love to celebrate Valentine's Day are probably just as happy that I am not around them.  Win, win.  

With that being said, I do love pinks and reds and the incorporation of hearts in almost every line lately.  There are many ways to dress for this lovely day, whether it be subtlety with small pops of pink or red, or very literal with hearts all over your outfit.  Either way is great and you should definitely have fun.  What I like to stress is that this day shouldn't be celebrated by only couples [don't get me started on relationship views of some crazy people out there].  I've loved myself for 2.7 decades and have celebrated with single friends over the years with beer and burgers and I still can't get enough of myself.  And to that, everyone should celebrate...especially while wearing cute clothing.  I personally think I might venture out and wear my J.Crew Heart throb shirt.  Here are some outfit ideas to prep you for this coming Thursday.

Love is in the Air

Topshop dress

$51 -

Long sleeve top
$19 -

Dorothy Perkins crew shirt

J.Crew slim jeans

Topshop black jeans

Mesh skirt

Tory Burch ballerina shoes

Madewell wedge heels

DV by Dolce Vita stacked heel


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