Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Unhealthy Obsession: Pistachio

First of all, Happy Birthday to Laura and Susannah!  Greatest twins around.  Second of all, I barely  made it to Wednesday.  I have yet to recover from our celebrations this past weekend.  Me = worthless.  But recovery is a must, because I have an amazing wedding to attend this weekend back in Florida and I've been looking forward to it [You're going to be such a stunning bride Susan!]  Third of all, I can't stop my obsession with emerald [displayed yesterday] and pistachio.  Two shades of green I will never get sick of.  One is so rich and the other airy and more neutral.  With Spring around the corner though, this pistachio hue is everywhere.  Specifically at C. Wonder and I can't wait to pop in and try it all on.  

I usually have to stay away from a lot of pastels because they tend to wash me out with my light hair and skin tone, but pistachio seems to be my friend.  Which is great because I prefer it over the lavenders, pale yellows, and baby pinks.  Not to mention, the color looks undeniably amazing with brighter colors, white, and tan.  The must haves for me below are those Sam Edelman heels and H&M dress.

Unhealthy Obsession: Pistachio

Sleeved dress

H M chiffon dress
$23 -

C Wonder c wonder

Jeane blush
$50 -

H M knit top
$31 -

H m blazer
$46 -

Hudson skinny fit jeans
$160 -

Sam edelman

C Wonder c wonder

Lipstik ballet shoes
$31 -

C Wonder hobo handbag

Pieces mint handbag
$21 -

Rose Pierre bib necklace

House of Harlow 1960 mint green necklace

Tear drop earrings

Talullah Tu mint green earrings
$28 -

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