Friday, February 1, 2013


Happy Friday and February!  I received an e-mail from H&M yesterday for 30% off one item and realized I hadn't browsed their website in awhile and I've definitely avoided going to the actual store since before the holidays.  A couple things caught my eye and they're under $30!  Make sure you sign up for their email because they send out coupons every few weeks and they're for at least 20% off one item.  Also, I discovered an amazing thing while trying to track down items last year in my local store.  If you call the 1-800 # and tell them you are wanting to see if your local store has an item they can tell you!  Tell them the last couple of digits of web address when you print out an item's page and they can look it up by that and tell you when, if ever your store will have it.  The H&M is always ridiculous, so this is a HUGE advantage when dealing with their inventory.

Lace Blouse

Perfect Party Skirt [the movement has got to be great]

Great Staple Necklaces

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