Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gift Guide

People are hard to shop for.  End of story.  I know this because I am one of those people.  Everything I want [within reason obviously some most of those high ticket items reside only in my dreams] I tend to buy myself because, heaven forbid, I lose out on it because I stopped to access if I really needed it.  With that being said, I like to keep an ongoing list throughout the year of "wants," so as never to forget what to tell people.  This list also reminds me of what I, at one point in time, thought was a great idea for myself since I tend to want so much that I forget the importance of some of these items.  Confused yet?  Think I'm weird?  It's ok.  I forgot to mention I get what I want because of these lists.  When shopping for others I try my best to make it meaningful.  I tend to spend more because of this, but I feel better in the end knowing the person genuinely loves my gift [at least they definitely do after I add a little good hearted "threat"].  With that being said, I found a couple items I thought were worth mentioning if you're still looking for ideas.

For the lady who loves clutches and/or the uber trendy, uber annoying sister/friend/cousin/coworker/mom (?): 

[it comes in more colors than nail polish]

For the nail polish enthusiast:

For the person in a town that allows bike riding [the bitterness resides with me asking for this, then finding out it's illegal to ride bikes on sidewalks in I would take a cruiser on the open road!]:

For the trinket lover:

For the lady that loves accessories [this necklace goes with everything]:

For the traveler:

For the makeup lover/enthusiast/appreciator [any of these will be well appreciated]:

For those that love personalized things and/or a specific geographical location:

[give them any address, they create the coasters]

For the (wo)man [in general, because these go with everything and everyone]:

For the one who loves a good drink and fears it getting watered down or warm:

For the man who likes a challenge [with a reward at the end]:

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  1. My lover Anderson was wearing similar shoes on his show...but we should go in halfzies for that whiskey kit!