Monday, June 13, 2011

recovery begins now

I am back from Miami, but seriously think I need to hibernate until the wedding in September. The trip was absolutely amazing with all 19 of us and we're already planning our next one. I don't think anyone thought it would be so successful, but with that many fun people it's completely understandable. I may have to wait awhile to return to Fontainebleau due to my opinionated self telling the dj that he should really be more concerned about playing music than sexing his girlfriend [who so kindly decided to visit him at work]. The bar manager and security guard may have told me to "back away from the equipment," but after I told them they had no sense of humor we agreed to disagree and they wanted pictures with us. It all works out in the end people, but for now enjoy some pictures.

the whole group

[I started a trend with my coverup and the rest followed]

beach body ready

[the bride has the exposed chest]

My bff Claudia and I surprised by the paps snapping pictures

Some of the group before the chaos.

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