Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HRH Collection

I recently discovered a new jewelry line called HRH Collection that I am absolutely, positively obsessed with now. The designer pairs just enough edginess with sophistication for my heart to skip a beat. The fact that she's adorable, fashionable, and has hair similar to mine may be blurring my vision/opinion, but I'll take it....and all of her jewelry. Her bracelets and necklaces easily wrap to create more layers or you can wear them at the longer length. I have a thing for versatility, but also find I'm drawn to the unique pieces more often than not. The one piece that is redonk and I am utterly obsessed with, picturing myself in, etc. is the Empress Collar. Totally impractical as a necklace, but beyond amazing.

The other pieces in her line are just as great:

photos via HRH Collection

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  1. Loving the empress collar and the cuff necklace girl! i went to check out the website and it was all sold out! :( just started following you btw.
    would love it if you checked out my blog and follow back if you like

    xx janak'trina