Monday, June 13, 2011

don't ask me why...

I am looking in the "2nd dress" section on the BHLDN website because a. I am single b. I am not even interested in anyone right now c. I decided I may have to take the mail order husband route and d. I am probably the last person you would ever dream would think, brainstorm, or spend time looking at the numerous things involved with weddings, but I do...and I've embraced it, just don't talk about it in groups or think a conference call/weekly meeting is necessary.

So after all that, the reason of this post brings nothing but shame to myself and expose my craziness and display a dress I think is ADORABLE. I don't know if I would wear it as a "2nd dress" at a wedding, but I love the lace detail and cut that is perfection for summer. Sidenote-I would never pay this much for a dress like this, simply love the idea of it.

photo via BHLDN

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