Thursday, June 30, 2011


this Equipment Earl Romper when I saw it on ShopBop yesterday, but sadly my heart [and wallet] belong to Nordstrom because on TUESDAY I get to preview/purchase all the Anniversary Sale items my little heart desires.

If you are not familiar with Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale then I will have to enlighten you. NOW. It doesn't help that I remain extremely loyal to this amazing store so I bleed bias, but this is the ONE legit sale sale that they have [actually I take that back, they have a "half-yearly" sale, but that's just markdowns]. Anniversary is the best deal EVER because it's all brand new stuff for late summer/fall at discounted prices and you feel extra special when purchasing the amazingness because the prices go UP after the sale is over. So, if you've ever wanted to feel like shiz for not buying something then don't go into a Nordstrom after their sale. I've done it. It's doctor worthy. I'll fill y'all in on what I pick up on Tuesday once I've driven my adorable, favorite worker Sadea crazy running through the store [don't worry, I've already e-mailed her what I want her to pull].

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