Tuesday, July 5, 2011

holy deals batman

so I just got done running through Nordstrom like a chicken with its head cut off in order to see all the items in the sale while still managing to stay employed. I got some great stuff, but the thing I am most proud of is my new pair of Tom Ford Anais sunglasses. I own a good deal of sunglasses, but I also wear them to death. Therefore, it is easier for me to justify a sunglass purchase as opposed to my umpteenth silk tunic style shirt [which I also purchased more of]. The sunglasses were $450 originally. A price that I would usually scoff at, but I was so tempted by the fact that Mr. Ford NEVER allows his stuff to be apart of the sale. I know this because I check every year and that exclusive bastard always declines. Well, this year I win Ford because I only paid $250 for your amazingly beautiful sunglasses. They remind me of my beloved Guccis that went missing years ago because of a drunken stupor [RIP]. Oh, and not to mention people, they look amazing on me...I wouldn't lie.

photo via Nordstrom

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