Tuesday, July 12, 2011

cut. it. out.

Cutout dresses: extremely sexy, but not for the majority of consumers. Like most shoppers [or what I assume is most shoppers], there are numerous trends that I adore, but they just don't flatter my figure or aren't something that looks good on anyone carrying more weight than the 90 pounder they toss down the runways. But, because I think there are options offered for every trend that try to accommodate most body types, I've made it my mission to find some of the ultra feminine sexy time cutout dresses that wouldn't send people in a 5 mile radius fleeing from me. Behold people...dresses that don't scream "Yes, I did in fact just get paid by that old man running away with his pants down", but rather "I am confident and think that just a teeny bit of skin is all you need to know about at the moment."

[amazing based on the color alone]

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