Wednesday, July 27, 2011

igloos lead to irrational thought.

Welp, as you can tell I'm ready for Fall. And since this makes absolutely no sense to anyone in the United States due to the unwelcome heat wave sweeping the nation, I have no justification for my wants and needs. When I wake up in the morning and bounce [roll] around my room trying to decide what to wear, sheltered from the true temperature that lingers outside, I could layer for days. Obviously, I also suffocate myself as soon as I step outside. But then, once I enter my office I freeze the ENTIRE day. Not kidding people, my heater is on. I would not be surprised if I had little penguins running around come August [and they would be welcomed with cartwheels]. So my delusional layering and dressing that makes it seem as if it's already Fall is somewhat just makes me look like a dumbass. Because of all of this, I've been looking [and purchasing] layers and items for the upcoming season already. AND since I know most of you will think I'm crazy for trying to push the beach and sun into the rear view mirror, I've put together some great fall pieces that are ALL under $50 [hooray for being cheap].

Fall Bargains

Fall Bargains by savvycheap featuring striped tops

Old Navy striped top
$35 -

Old Navy knit top
$35 -

Lace up top
£30 -

Old Navy sleeveless top
$29 -

Old Navy short coat
$31 -

Old Navy canvas vest
$35 -

Old navy
$35 -

Old Navy faded jeans
$25 -

Old navy jeans
$11 -

Old Navy oxford lace up shoes
$35 -

Old Navy bootie boots
$35 -

Old Navy rubber shoes
$23 -

Forever21 woven jewelry
$6.80 -

Forever21 geometric earrings
$5.80 -

Forever21 two tone jewelry
$6.80 -

Forever21 watch
$18 -

BOBBY heart beads jewelry
$1.50 -

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