Monday, July 18, 2011

No Chips Ahead

The newest item to be introduced to my crazy life is coincidentally one of the greatest. I jumped on the gel manicure band wagon in the last year and have thoroughly enjoyed not worrying about my nails chipping and then sitting in remorse for spending money on something that never lasts more than 48 hours. BUT with those amazing non-chip gels comes a price tag that adds up...not to mention I have a collection of nail polishes that I love to use, but I get tired of having to redo the paint job every few days. Last week I finally tracked down Essie's new No Chips Ahead top coat that says it will last for 10 days doing exactly what the name promises. Good news people-I've had it on for a week now and it has yet to chip. I am not one of those people that is nice to their nails. I forget they exist and drag them through hell and high water, usually resulting in tragic, "what animal attacked you?" looking nails. Some may think this it is silly to get so worked up over such a discovery, but I assure you, this kind of thing is hard to come by. This will be the best $8 you've ever spent, guaranteed. [hypothetical guarantee that is...feel free to send me your bottle if you disagree]

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