Tuesday, July 19, 2011

bend and snap.

I'm all about a good workout and as of late I've come to appreciate higher quality workout clothing. It seriously does make a difference [especially when dealing with the twins] and if nothing else, clothing that flatters is motivation enough to get out and let people see you. The one thing that I do not find uplifting is the price tag on some of these brands [cough, lululemon] which I absolutely do love, just don't have the cash flow to invest hundreds of dollars on 4 or 5 items. Katy, the lady in charge of the blog Think Pretty Thoughts, feels the same way and lucky for everyone she found the most amazing pair of workout pants for a price that motivates and allows you to eat dinner. Who do we have to thank? Well, Katy of course, but also Old Navy for introducing the new compression line that these pants are apart of. Seriously people. I prefer to run in pants rather than my Nike shorts and this pair is hands down the greatest thing I've put on my body including my ultra cool, ultra serious Nike running pants.

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