Thursday, July 21, 2011

who doesn't love a good deal?

In the past week I've discovered two different looks for less in the shoe department. I love this department and everything it entails [ always fit no matter how much you weigh, well I guess that works unless you're preggo, and if that's the case I have no advice because I know nothing on that subject]. On to the feet adornments I speak of...

Miu Miu and Isabel Marant are two designers that have an extremely strong following. You all may or may not relish in the glory that is a Miu Miu leopard heel or the amazingly simple, comfortable ankle boot from Marant that is in the highest of high demand and thus, sold out everywhere, but I managed to find some almost identical fraternal twins if you will that hold much lower price tags.

Miu Miu Calf Hair Leopard Sandal [$785]

Vince Camuto Melva Sandal [ $110]

Isabel Marant Dicker Suede Ankle Boot [$615 if you can find them anywhere]

Old Navy Ankle Boot [$34.94 and 30% off right now with code ONBIG30]

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