Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Jess LC

There's a big ol' soft-spot in my heart for jewelry. Maybe not in the hoarder, I must keep every piece so my [future] daughters and [possibly] gay sons can wear it, telling all their friends it's "vintage forever 21" [bahh!]. I tend to go towards the more simple, everyday jewelry if the price tag is steep and invest my change in the crazy, fun stuff. It works for me, not so much my long-term investments. I think I love necklaces the most though. Not sure why...maybe because I have a lot of staples for rings and earrings and keep those in heavy rotation. Hew knows girlfriend, but I found a line that I love on all levels. Jess LC. It's simple, reasonable, and the pieces have little bright accents that I can't stop staring at. I follow Kendi Everyday and she wears a lot of the pieces, not to mention, is featured in Jess LC's lookbooks and some of the advertisements. Well girl, you reeled me in...and I don't hate you for it.

[photos via Jess LC]

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