Friday, March 25, 2011

Etsy Feature Friday

2nd installment of this bad boy and today I picked something that's not fashion, but just as great. I find a lot of the prints, pillows, and other home decor on etsy have comical characteristics to them that make me chuckle. I love laughing, and would probably own the majority of this stuff in my house to guarantee a smile when people pass them. Here is one I've always liked that coincidentally is on sale now.

The bright colors could spice up a room, but I prefer the vintage look of the lighter prints. I feel like the irony between the poster's meaning and the look would fit perfectly with my personal preferences in decorating.
Petek Design also has other prints and photos that are just as great. I love the card prints for a game room or such and the little kissing print would be adorable in a frame on a counter top or night stand.

photos via Petek Design

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