Thursday, March 31, 2011

I'm not sure what all the hype is about.

First off, I feel weird talking about Fall 2011 Lookbooks when I've spent the last month or five reveling in the upcoming spring weather. It feels like I'm cheating on spring and summer with their mean, cold sibling fall. With that said, I will spend little time on showcasing J. Crew's Fall 2011 looks since, coincidentally, I don't really care for them. Yes, I do love J. Crew, but I wasn't as impressed with the clothing as some of the other fashion peeps were. [see, peeps, my mind is still in spring...thinking of those fluffy, gross marshmallow animals] There were a few things that I'll be interested in seeing in person, but if their S/S is any indication of how their fall stuff will be priced, I most likely will never get close to them and opt for the more reasonable in store finds. Here are the pieces that got my attention, but please don't get too excited, for the sake of spring's dignity and insecurities.
[the pants are the item that caught my the zipper and style]

[i do really like this look, probably one of my favorites,

since fall in the south still allows for dresses]

[pants and shoes on this one, like what looks to be a penny loafer-esque pump]

[i do love this coat...the buttons, the rich color, but i have a feeling it will

be much higher, so fingers crossed there is a look-a-like in their other coats]

[we don't have a dress code at work {lucky me, i know} but if

we did I would wear this in a heart beat...and it's purple=love in the club]

[it shouldn't be a surprise to any one that reads this blog, but i want these pants...obviously

for the color alone, but the jacket is cute too]

[photos via refinery29]

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