Thursday, February 3, 2011

J.Crew Rebuttal

OKAY, so a lot of the J.Crew Pieces I posted yesterday are A) sold out and B) require more Benjamins than I have to spend on clothes.

Don't worry I will never fail you. Here are other new arrivals from the great store that are more budget friendly and attainable [since picking from their look book proved to be ball-busting expensive and unrealistic].

WARNING: I like stripes and navy blue, etc. etc. BUT to make things clear [especially to my dear friend Captain Laura] "Nautical is not entirely my thing"'s hers of course.

but honestly...would it be spring without an onslaught of blues, khakis, and stripes [heaven]?
speaking of a sailor's dream...have you seen my potential boyfriends? I'm sure they would support my wardrobe.
[i wear these types of tops all spring with white pants and shorts= so crisp]
[for my boyfriends mentioned above, obvi]
[if you do not own this you must-i have 5 and love them]
[to be worn with everything from sandals to booties in every season]
[the perfect touch of lavender to add a pop of color]
[i will wear this all spring and summer with a tan belt and
wedges, oh wait, that wasn't original at all...]
[honestly, everyone should have long as i get one before that happens]
[white button down, cardigan, shorts, belt, and sandals- don't mind if i do]
[i'm comfortable just looking at it]

photos via J.Crew

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