Monday, February 28, 2011

Style Icons

After watching the red carpets this season and these ladies out about town, I've confirmed their spots in my personal style icons book located in my heart and mind. They all, in some form or another, register on my girl crush scale, but most importantly I am in love with their wardrobe choices. They never seem to suffer from fashion don'ts, and for that, I shall remain loyal and continue to covet every piece of clothing and accessory that falls on their bodies.

Reese Witherspoon: the epitome of classic preppy-dom. She knocks it out of the park with adorable, casual pieces that I could live in.

Rachel Bilson: she mixes pieces like no one else. Her love for structure, edgy, and femine is untouchable...and this outfit below makes me want to scoop her up and make her my groupie, or rather I would be hers.

Lauren Conrad: you all know my love for her runs deep, so here's just one of the hundreds of outfits I adore from the casual chic california girl.

Jennifer Aniston: All-American, check. Gorgeous, check. Better than Angelina-tranny Jolie, check.

Blake Lively: whoaaaa, where did that neon pink come from, and on my girl crush....whoopsie. Just can't kick the addiction yet [especially in MKors]. But seriously, I live vicariously through BL for all things sexy.

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