Friday, February 25, 2011

the addiction continues...

Thank the lord it's almost spring and the new spring lines seem to be fueling my addiction to neon [plastered here, and here]. Actually I think it's safe to say my addiction to hot pink, but not just hot pink, more of a bubblegum hot pink. Yup, that's it. You'll find this color only in my closet or on my fingers and toes, no where to be found in my otherwise everyday life [room, car, barbie dream house], but I can't stop. Nothing will cure me....until fall comes and I look like an bold, hot pink idiot amongst the darker colors and college football crowds [none of which have pink as their school colors]. Thankfully though, the south gives me a stronger foundation in it's longer, blurred seasons and I can get away with wearing it most of the year [well, year round if you count me going home to florida]. Next step, tan before wearing.

My newest addition from J.Crew:

At least if I do my typical wandering at festivals this spring/summer my group will be able to spot me even if I'm at the bottom of a 10 person dog pile [which, I'll be honest, is quite possible because these shorts will be a magnet for freaks and other types...I can feel it already].

1 comment:

  1. guess what tippi got me for my bday - those shorts! hahahhaha so we can switch off between our matching dresses and shorts. Love you - thanks for an amazing weekend!