Friday, February 18, 2011


READER REQUEST....bahahaha who am I kidding? Captain Laura asked me to find her some tunics and per usual, I went overboard. [gah I crack myself up with all these puns and knee slappers]
I live in/for tunics. They are A-MAZ-ING. First off, they double as dresses [when worn with leggings to cover the lady bits] and can be worn more like a genuine top when tucked into skirts, pants, underwear, etc.
Let me clarify though...when I say tunic, I think of flowy, comfortable pieces, often cinched at the waist. SO when I saw on UO's website that they had a "body con tunic" I stared at the screen puzzled for quite a while. It's an oxymoron people. Much like jumbo shrimp or tall midget. It just isn't meant to be, like said midget praying for a couple dozen extra inches.
Back to the matter at hand, I have a tip for you tunic lovers out there...when ordering from places like Gap, Banana, Old Navy, etc. where they offer petite and tall versions of their items, sometimes if you go up it turns a shirt into a tunic with the extra length, but you may need to go down a size. [i.e. petite to regular, regular to tall, tall to good luck]
So here's to tunics, always a friend covering your rear end.
Why not start off with the most expensive [thus making everything else look reasonable!]

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