Thursday, February 10, 2011

things to cover up my [not always] so pretty lady parts

honestly...if you're in the tiny [minuscule!] group of women that have nothing wrong with their bodies please stop reading now, or don't, i don't care, but know that i despise you bitches.

today i've been helping with the planning of a bachelorette party in miami for one of my lovely friends and it made me think of the warm weather, the beach, and the pretty tropical drinks that you think pack no punch until you're face down in the sand rolling around wondering how you got there [too personal?]. Therefore I will not acknowledge the fact that it snowed last night and forever plan ahead for my summer vacations.

what will i need for these said vacations? why things to hide the few [cough] imperfections that reside on my body of course!

insert my loyal friend, the cover up.

Ella Moss Sahara Shana Tunic

Raz-ma-taz! this thing doubles as a skirt

Suboo makes the next couple of dresses-love on a whole new level. Australian and gorg and can easily double as regular dresses during the day/night depending on how daring you want to get.

the beauts from OZ show you how to wear it with a belt

[i should be totally honest with you all...they asked me to pose as well, but i just didn't feel like ripping out everyone's hearts when it didn't look as amazing on them *apology made*]

Amalfi Mini Kaftan

Marbella Maxi Dress

oh BTW...they have adorable accessories and bags too. you're welcome. fingers crossed for a sun tan that doesn't rival an umpa lumpa.

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  1. Riddle me this: what is the best maxi dress for a girl with some AA's!