Monday, February 7, 2011

can i get some sun up in here?

my beloved little furry friend punxsutawny phil did not see his shadow. therefore, mother nature, i expect an expedited spring full of sun and warmer weather.
with spring comes warmer weather, with warmer weather i leave the house, when i leave the house all hell breaks loose, when all hell breaks loose it involves me owning new purchases and wandering around town so people can admire them. this being said, there is nothing i welcome more than spring!
the color that keeps popping up, to my delight, is various shades of coral. yum.
here are some things involving the heavenly combo of coral + i want them.
[not to be confused with condoms]
[for those not ready to look coral in the eye]

Essie Nail Polish in California Coral

Clines Ballet Flat
[this is more coral than orange in person, but if you wear a 10 then it's more orange than coral]

Gypsy 05 Bella Silk Flutter Mini Dress

Amrita Singh Shelter Island RingAND FOR THE ONE TO WRITE HOME ABOUT....

Tory Burch Robinson Satchel

must. own. this. [even though Tory and her precious handbags and i have a long, love/hate relationship, i see this and want to work it out, nay, must work it out]

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