Tuesday, February 22, 2011

girl crush numero dos

Lauren Conrad is another lady that makes me all giddy inside. Mostly because she seems normal, not Hollywood normal, I mean legit, normal= we could be friends and I would like her. But I also think she is honestly one of the only ladies in H-wood that I would take their ENTIRE closet from.

I tried on her initial namesake line at Kitson in Los Angeles a few years back and wasn't totally impressed [could have been that herpes 1 and 2 were arriving for a signing for their non-existent fans and I was distracted], but her line at Kohl's has paid off for my closet on the reg. The stuff is amazing if you haven't checked it out, and not to mention, uber affordable including her new spring stuff.

SO therefore, I. CAN'T. WAIT. for her new line Paper Crown to hit stores this fall. The line is the exact casual, sophisticated chic that the lady herself emulates. The classic silhouettes and neutral colors are going to be perfect to add to any closet, especially mine. Paper Crown's sweet pieces have just enough fun mixed with sex that they are guaranteed to be a bigger hit than her first venture.

To hell with MTV cancelling her show. As long as these items are tangible come fall I'll be a happy little [broke] camper.

photos via Fashionista

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