Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I was MIA...

due to my birthday weekend in New Orleans [death],

BUT now have more to post once I found my dignity, liver, and other things that go missing every weekend.

So, on a completely different note...I love J.Crew-huge fan.

Why didn't my dad see his future as an insanely successful business CEO and expand upon that [debatable] tiny ounce of homosexual male inside of him to branch into the fashion industry via J.Crew??? WHY?

anyways...i want every single piece from J.Crew s/s 2011 on a more intense level than any season before.


{photos via who what wear}

Don't mind the distortion of my favorite photo...I just hope I don't look that messed up when I wear it!

goodbye bank account, hello adorable new wardrobe.

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