Wednesday, March 9, 2011

spring shoes

As I was virtually wandering through Anthropologie's shoe collection this morning I stumbled across some cute spring shoes. Sandals, flats, wedges...they all bring the hope for warmer weather and larger bank accounts. Growing up in Florida the majority of my shoe collection contained sandals and wedges. It's my comfort zone and I go crazy for them. Sometimes I forget I've moved and still dress like I'm home and people stare, or think I'm en route to the Miami Vice set, but in my heart I know they're thinking "those white shorts and peach blouse look amazing with all that gold."

Historical Fact: July 6, 1996, Orlando, FL, Location where I'm pretty positive my love of bright colors, especially neon, was discovered [it should be mentioned these colors looked better against my previously tan times have changed].

I love wearing patterns and bright colors on my feet [mostly because it distracts from the size of my boats] and can't wait to put these on once the weather cooperates. Skirts, shorts, cropped pants [that's right Tim Gunn I said it], and, to the Carrie Bradshaw's out there, hot pants are all perfect for these shoes!

photos via Anthropologie

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