Monday, March 28, 2011


This post is happening thanks to tequila mary [my mom, first introduced here]. She found these amazing hair ties and headbands in one of her magazines and ordered me some. We will be ordering many more. The brand was started by two 15 year old girls and the hair ties are must haves. First off, they don't leave a dent in your hair [this I love because my hair will dent within the first 20 seconds of wearing a hair tie] and second, they double as bracelets. The colors are amazing and they've developed a respectable celebrity following. You go tweens. Speaking of tweens, I asked one yesterday if she was a belieber and she laughed, said "no way", and the fan club was back to one member [me].

The best part of Emi-Jay is that part of the proceeds go to charity. No more incentives needed since you'll buy hair ties and headbands anyways!

Winter Collection

3 Pack Collection

Classic Collection

Jewel Collection

Metallic Collection

Pastel Collection

Pearl Collection

Summer 2011 Collection

Summer Collection

Pink Pearl Satin Bow Hair Tie

Black Pearl Satin Bow Hair Tie

Headbands [all colors]

Wide Headbands [select colors]

[photos via emi-jay]

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