Thursday, March 10, 2011

target misses the target

it's ok, you can laugh...i know i do.

don't forget this SUNDAY Target re-launches their designer lines with some of the bestselling items!

But before they do that, they're going to rob you blind. Rachel Nasvik did an exclusive handbag [cross-body] for them and if it's something you've been looking for then this is adorable. I love the color combo, but this is your warning...Target's is [wait for it] MORE EXPENSIVE THAN HER LINE'S DAMN NEAR TWIN OF THE BAG! Not to mention the Target one is suede and her line's is leather with 3 color choices, all universal. Oh no, I'm not done. Rachel Nasvik also offers 10% right now on her sale [code is endofwinter11], thus taking the price down even more. REALLY? this is happening.
[the only thing exclusive about this bag is the social injustice in the price tag]
[click on collection-sale-it's the 4th picture-click-purchase-thank me later]


  1. Even more offensive: Bluefly is selling it for $160!

  2. Ha! Daily Candy sure didn't mention this miss of the mark when they reviewed the line. Thanks for saving me before I rushed to the store to get what I thought was a great steal!

  3. She took it off her site... :(
    Now you have to pay a ridiculous amount on Bluefly.

  4. I saw this too.. still, $80 for anything at Target is absurd. I know they think of themselves as the "high-end" big box store but come ON