Friday, October 7, 2011


Everyone, well at least everyone I know, loves a statement necklace.  The problem with most gorgeous, swoon worthy statement necklaces is the inflated price tag that usually accompanies them.  I would say I'm willing to pay upwards of $100 for a statement necklace I can't live without, but that's not saying I don't become obsessed with pieces COMPLETELY out of my budget [hello, I'm human].  I've been trying to reproduce necklaces on my own, but I have no talent.  What I am talented at is hunting down items that I'd love to buy!  So technically, if we're taking my talents into account, the score is Bethany-1 DIY-0.

Now feast your eyes [so magic show of me] on the great new jewelry designer I found on etsy named Kristin Bartlett from Brooklyn, NY.  Her pieces are beautiful and hover around my breaking point, thus keeping my attention a little longer than the dream inducing Tom Binns.

photos via etsy

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