Friday, October 21, 2011


I love simplicity.  Simplicity translates into classic and in fashion that's extremely meaningful and budget friendly.  The kind of stuff you find and know that you can wear forever and eventually give to someone [gbf, bf, family] and the phrase, "This was popular?" won't exit their mouths.  But honestly, I buy this kind of stuff because I like staples in my everyday jewelry.  Stuff I now automatically put on without having to think about it.  Most of which consist of studs, watches, solid bracelets, nothing too flashy.  My mom gave me a couple pieces of her hammered silver jewelry from her younger days and I love it.  It goes with everything I wear now, even though we could not be more opposite in our love for fashion.  Lisa Lehmann's shop on etsy [the bead girl] reminds me of the stuff I gravitate towards for the day to day.  The prices are reasonable and the pieces go with everything, especially the multiple trend that is on every one's arm party and fingers!

photos via etsy

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