Friday, October 28, 2011


I'm off to Tallahassee this afternoon for some good old fashioned Saved By The Bell fun.  I am currently feeling slightly creepy as the 25 year old that still dresses up and goes to the college bars, especially because I am 99% sure 99% of the people there won't remember my costume from when they were 5 and the babysitter was watching tv know my costume.  But I get to wear my fanny pack again, which I have grown to love.  Not in a Gucci fanny pack way, but in a more ridiculous "I bought this at a hipster store [read American Apparel] but intend on using it solely for costumes" way.  See below for the fanny's debut last year.

But back to what this post is really about....Etsy Feature Friday.  And I have a good one for y'all.  I fell in love with the rich textures and fabrics of Melissa Tabor's pieces.  They're ultra flattering for any shape and classic enough to keep around for years.  Who doesn't love tweed?  Well apparently, her model [which I'm now thinking is the designer herself] doesn't because she looks like she's been forced to eat against her will and is completely distraught about it. 

photos via etsy

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  1. I love that dress with the open back! Have fun this weekend! We will miss you!!