Thursday, October 13, 2011

look familiar?

If you've ever lusted after luxury items [whoever hasn't get the hell off this blog...we're dreamers here people!!], I can almost guarantee one of the items was Hermes.  Whether it was the famous Birkin bag, the much sought after H leather belt, or the lust worthy H bracelets,  I've rarely met people that can afford these items on a regular basis.  Most of them remain in our dreams, where such gloriously timeless items will probably stay...unless you find a good knock-off.  I know people, I shouldn't endorse knock-offs, but it happens and I'm not the one making the stuff, so if I buy one here or there I don't feel bad [I just don't make a habit of it].

Hermes Studded Leather Bracelets [no longer available in stores]

Fantasy Jewelry Box Bracelets [Red and Black]

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