Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I've been searching for a great chambray shirt.  To me that means one that doesn't look like I've been ropin' cattle for days or that I stole my mom or dad's old worn through painting shirt [no judgment if that's the route you took].  I found a couple, but the price was upwards of $100+ and that is not something I can get on board with because, honestly, I'm not entirely sure how much I'll end up wearing it.  I know I can easily pair it with my many summery skirts and printed bottoms, but I want to incorporate it into my winter wardrobe too...and I'm against wearing cowboy tuxedos.  So I found this Rubbish one at Nordstrom and it's only $49.  It arrived yesterday and I'm really happy about it.  The wash is just right, not too dark and not bleach...AND the fit is really flattering and comfortable.  I will officially stop my search and keep some extra dollar bills in my wallet.

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