Wednesday, October 12, 2011

date attire

I should make a general disclaimer:  I am not one to go on dates.  I find them extremely uncomfortable and interview like when I would rather laugh and make jokes.  BUT I do have a general knowledge of cute and casual outfits, which is what I like to wear on these said annual dates.  I actually went on a date last week and the guy told me I looked nice, which is great because I didn't have time to change from work and I was too lazy to care [maybe why I don't go on many dates?].  He took me to trivia, which I thought was a genius idea because there were no awkward silences unless you count getting the question about the WNBA right.  Anyways, I wore my J. Crew city mini and bright pink gingham perfect shirt with gray flats.  It worked.  But I haven't heard from him since.  Just kidding!  We still sext.

I prefer comfort over borderline stripper and although I've found that the latter of the two looks tends to get hoots and hollers, it doesn't get a paid dinner, so I opt for the staple, classic looks in my closet as opposed to my items that rival street walkers.  You may be different, which is perfectly fine, just make sure whatever you wear you're comfortable in because if not it will show and detract from the high levels your confidence should be at!  And honestly, if you feel pretty you may not have to resort to random comments that may or may not welcome looks from your suitor that say, "What the hell did I get myself into?"

Date Night

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  1. I'm very upset with you over this.... YOU KNOW WHY!!!!!!!!!;)